Gaining sustainable tree health

Like any asset your trees require maintenance for long lived sustainability, we offer all types of pruning techniques which are carried out by qualified arborists.

  • Balance prune – pruning of crown for even distribution of weight
  • Clearance prune – removal of limbs encroaching, overhanging or in contact with infrastructure
  • Crown lift – removal of lower limbs to allow pedestrian, vehicle and yard maintenance access
  • Crown reduction – removal of limbs to reduce overall volume of crown, height and width
  • Deadwood prune – removal of dead/dying limbs within crown
  • Directional prune – selective pruning of limbs to train future growth i.e away from infrastructure
  • Formative shape – selective pruning of younger trees to gain desired canopy shape as tree matures
  • Weight reduction – selected removal of limbs will reduce overall weight and minimize risk to failure

Contact us for a free quote and advise on what pruning options your trees require.